Tannenberg from up above

The biodiversity municipality of Tännesberg

The Markt Tännesberg is the first biodiversity community in Germany. For more than 20 years, our municipality has implemented a series of measures that contribute to safeguarding the diversity of species and varieties as well as to preserving and protecting important habitats for animals and plants. Since June 2015, the biodiversity municipality of Tännesberg has been recognized as a UN Decade Project, and in June 2017 it received another award from the UN Decade expert jury.

Our guests in Tännesberg benefit from these measures not only through their stay in a natural and intact environment, but also through a large number of regional productsthat are produced as part of the model project: Meat from Tännesberger Rotvieh, old potato varieties from extensive cultivation – “colored potatoes”, partridge zoigl, bread and baked goods made from old, local cereals such as emmer and spelt, fruit from traditional orchards and homemade organic forest and blossom honey.

Tannenberg from up above

Discover Tännesberg

Our contribution to biodiversity
Sustainability – back to the roots

Appreciating and preserving the beauties of nature – this has always been a value anchored in our family tradition. We planted an orchard decades ago, and so it is a pleasure for us to know that our fields are used in the name of biodiversity.

We also maintain a long-standing cooperation with many producers and companies from the region. We rely on regional products such as Tännesberger red cattle, trout from local ponds, potatoes from the local farm and deer and wild boar from our own hunt.

We also obtain our drinks from entrepreneurs in the region, such as Schlossbrauerei Fuchsberg, König-Otto-Sprudel, Neue-Otto-Quelle, Labertaler, Spirits Peschke, Distillery Schraml, municipal brewery Eslarn and brewery Würth Windischeschenbach.


  • Power yourself on our Nordic walking tours around Tännesberg in the best air and beautiful nature.


  • Try your fishing luck in the fish-rich reservoir near Trausnitz, about 5 km away!
  • Catfish, pike, zander, carp, tench, trout are waiting for you!
  • Fishing permits are available from the Tännesberg tourist office!


  • Idyllic swimming in the Bursweiher natural pool surrounded by shady trees, 3 km away…
Tannenberg from up above

Tännesberg themed trails

Geological educational trail

Immerse yourself in the magic of stones

Castle hill

Rocky mountain slope as a witness of the past with a fantastic view over the Upper Palatinate hills and Burgenland

Orchard educational trail

Pleasures for the senses through blooming apple, pear, plum and mirabelle plum trees

Partridge Trail

On the trail of the partridge and the Rebhuhn-Zoigl

Pilgrimage Church of St. Jodok

What the Viennese plague cross and the horse pilgrimage are all about…

Tännesberg circular hiking trails

Long-distance hiking trail Goldsteig

As a long-distance hiking trail, the 660 km long Goldsteig – one of the twelve best hiking trails in Germany – runs via Tännesberg. The stage “Goldsteig 6“ leads on 21 km from the castle ruins of Leuchtenberg over the natural Pfreimdtal to Tännesberg, the approx. 17 km long stage Goldsteig 7 leads from Tännesberg via part of the Burgenweg and the Oberpfälzer Jakobsweg to the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob in the Doctor Eisenbarth town of Oberviechtach and reveals fantastic views of the Upper Palatinate Nature Park.

The Upper Palatinate


The Upper Palatinate is located in the geographic center of Europe and offers the ideal starting point for all nature lovers and interested travelers. At the intersection of the Bavarian Forest, Bohemian Forest and Upper Palatinate Forest, there are unspoilt forests, mystical river valleys, castles and castle ruins as well as wonderful lake landscapes to discover on both sides of the state border. The Upper Palatinate Forest Nature Park offers countless opportunities for hiking, cycling and other activities in an almost untouched landscape. Historic towns and idyllic villages invite you to visit along the Goldsteig, the Glasstrasse, the Porzellanstrasse and the Goldenen Strasse. In between also urban flair, shopping experience and culture? The cities of Regensburg, Nuremberg, Pilsen and Prague with all their sights and offers can be reached quickly.